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19. July 2014

I’m not sure when or how often I’ll be able to update my blog, and for that I apologize. We both very much appreciate your compassion, support, and understanding.

Amazing regram from @kathleenchasingdreams

cockneyhammer1 said: Wow..your stunning

Thank you! xx

14. July 2014

I just added a hilarious amount of sushi-themed items to my Amazon Wish List, so if you want to get me something to celebrate my 26th you know where to go (;

Friday face

Anonymous said: Came for the boobs, never saw any.

Hahahaha, nice!

Anonymous said: Hi, my Princess needs a tag for her collar and she says the one you posted that says "good girl" on it is exactly what she wants. Only difference is she wants "Princess" engraved on it. So, if you could inform me of where you got yours, or if you would be willing to sell such an item.. Either would be much appreciated. Thank you. Great blog, by the way. Keep it up! ๐Ÿ‘

Unfortunately I don’t have access to an engraver anymore, so I’m unable to make her a princess collar charm. I’m sure you could find something similar online, but the Good Girl ones I made were a limited edition run.
I’m sorry, and good luck!!

fireballphoenix said: Do you have kik

Bettyrumble is my Kik username but I do not send, nor do I want to receive, nudes. If that’s what you’re after then please don’t bother. :)